Jericho Saved

Jericho has been brought back from the dead, apparently from the strength of support from its fans.
Now go watch the reruns in the US or the first airings in the UK. It is amazing



I am actually very sad to hear today that CBS in America has cancelled Jericho. Aparently so few people watched it that you probably dont know what Im talking about. Jericho is a drama series about a small town in middle America that deals in its own ways with a massive nuclear attack on many large American cities. It was amazing. And now it has been cancelled due to poor ratings, and I actually feel deflated that it wont be back for series 2, and that series 1 ended with no conclusion, and very few questions answered. Ive never actually cared much about a TV show before, and its weird. Go and find the first series and watch it. Its great.

Andy Lobban

Edinburgh, Scotland