Daniel Johnston, live at the Day Stage in the Convention Center at SXSW, Fri 16th March 2007.
Recorded with the shitty audio recording facility on my digital camera. Songs are Unknown, Band On The Run, Rock N Roll/Ega, True Love Will Find You In The End.

I went to see Daniel Johnston on the Day Stage because I wasn't sure if the sudden rise in interest in him because of the film might mean it was very difficult to get into his official evening showcase. The Day Stage was open to badge holders only, and was pretty open and informal (and largely ignored, it seems) so I knew it would be easy to get into.

It turned out to be a good decision. He performed with his new band, The Nightmares, but acoustic, which meant the sound was closer to traditional Daniel Johnston. There was also a string trio. It sounded incredible (something my recording doesn't do any justice to). Grown adults were weeping, in a fairly businesslike, characterless cafe in a convention center, in the middle of the afternoon. I wondered if I would ever see Daniel Johnston live, and now I have seen something pretty special.