Awake: 8.30am

Got to the convention centre just before 9am. Had my badge and 3 big bags and a ticket to the premier of Objectified by 10am.

Headed to the AT&T store and got myself a US pre-paid SIM card.

Hung around a bit and checked out some emails etc. Had my first tacos at the Taco Shack. It’s not Torchy’s but it’ll do.

Panels: 2 - ‘Getting the most out of SXSW FIlm’: Quite useful. ‘Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)’: Very interesting. (We went to the Bogusky panel but it was too busy and hot, so we went for a beer.)

Parties Attended: 3 - Mix at Six: Quieter than expected, fun. Pastries and Pasties: Great cupcakes. AMODA showcase: too tired unfortunately.

Sleep: 11.30pm

Feeling much better for a decent night’s sleep.