Tobacco – Father Sister Berzerker – YouTube

I like the new Tobacco album but this song from it is incredible http://lbbn.eu/SmAFAQ


Monkey Minds In the Devil’s Time by Steve Mason on Spotify

The Steve Mason record from last year is excellent. Not sure why I missed it before. http://lbbn.eu/1qFdb9i


BBC iPlayer – Storyville: 2013-2014: Muscle Shoals: The Greatest Recording Studio in the World

If you're in tonight the Muscle Shoals doc on BBC4 is well worth a watch if you like soul music. http://lbbn.eu/1jYF2L7


Eagulls: Eagulls | Advance | Pitchfork

Finally, an Eagulls full-length and it's so good http://lbbn.eu/1et6cnO


Fela Kuti on Bandcamp

The full(?) Fela Kuti back catalogue is up on Bandcamp to stream and buy http://lbbn.eu/1fwqOOo


Record Store Day 2013 at Voxbox and The Last Word

We helped out at Voxbox on Record Store Day this year.

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