What's your favorite song to sing karaoke-style?  If you don't have one, why not?

the only karaoke songs i have ever sung are "don't get breaking my heart" by elton john and kiki dee, and "love shack" by the B52s. both with lindsey. i don't really know whay. as far as i can remember (and god knows my memory of my times spent in bars is hazy at best) i have never sung karaoke on my own. i have a terrible voice. add the amount of booze needed to make me thinking karaoke is a good idea to that and it's only going to get worse. if my life depended on me doing a song on my own, i guess it would be a frank sinatra song, just because even the worst singers can croon to a certain extent and get away with it. something simple like "new york, new york".

if i could have one new talent ever, it would to be able to sing.