VP Design

2023—2024 (FIXED CONTRACT)

One of Forbes's 25 Next Billion-Dollar Startups

Cleo is an AI agent for financial health, on a mission to help everyone live beyond the next paycheck. The product is currently available in the US only.

The enthusiasm for generative AI has turned into a full-on race. As early AI innovators, seven years of conversational and banking data have given Cleo a big head start in democratising financial help.

A high growth company, Cleo has been featured in, amongst others,


Member of the Senior Leadership Team reporting to the CEO

Led an Experience team of 30 (grew from 24) product designers, content designers, user researchers and brand/marketing designers

Improved the health, consistency and quality of the design team that had been splintered & unsupported

Co-led product strategy alongside product and engineering leaders

Formed and led cross-functional product quality group



Team size



Company size


Series C

Company stage


“Best interim leader we’ve ever had! 
I really appreciate the work you have done to get the Design Team in a much better place”

—Barney Hussey-Yeo


Leading the cross-functional product quality group, we moved product squads from no specific focus on quality to a company level OKR with aligned squad goals to improve quality.

Product quality group initiatives:
- Increased NPS by 20%
- Increased Android Play Store review score to back above 4.0
- Reduced CS contact rate by 26% and cancellation CS contact rate by 80%

Improved team engagement score by 19%

Made successful business case for, and created, an Experience Platform team to build a design system and also execute cross-cutting user experience projects e.g. Information Architecture

Made successful business case for a brand strategy initiative including building an in-house creative studio for brand and marketing

Co-led the first ever major product strategy process

Introduced ‘Experience Reviews’ studying core user flows and the accompanying research and data


“It was a pleasure to work under Andy’s leadership as he transformed our team at Cleo from disjointed content, research and product design departments with low morale into a cohesive, highly motivated unit. With his exceptional mix of humour and warmth, Andy not only brought us together but also secured significant resources for a design system team and initiated a cross-functional Quality Team to elevate our mobile app’s quality.

His empathetic approach, coupled with clear, actionable feedback, ensures you always know where you stand and how to put your best foot forward. Andy’s ability to balance fun with productivity makes him a gem of a leader for any design team. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy for his leadership, ability to nurture and motivate teams.”

—Kate Pincott


Andy Lobban

Edinburgh, Scotland